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PHOTO: Chelsey Turpening Coxsey Invites readers to explore their own authentic journey. 

"Exploring the Depths of Consciousness: An Interview with Chelsey Turpening Coxsey"

Unveiling the Power of Dreams, Subconsciousness, and Authentic Living in the "Living Life Metaphorically" Series

"Step into the world of Chelsey Turpening Coxsey, an entrepreneur, life coach, and author, as she shares insights on the importance of dreams, imagination, and deep subconsciousness. Discover how spirituality, psychology, and higher consciousness intertwine in her works, and get a glimpse into the upcoming installment of her thought-provoking series."

Chelsey Turpening Coxsey, was born and raised in the Toledo, Ohio area. Great minds often come from the oddity state of Ohio, and like many others, she left as well.

Venturing across the country and settling into several cities and locations, we fast forward to today. Chelsey is currently working as an entrepreneur in several industries and creating a few business ventures as well as a practicing life coach in a niche of perspective growth with entrepreneurs and a shadow work program being explored and developed (inspired by Carl Jung, Dolores Cannon, and many more current day research and studies.) allowing clients the freedom to heal at the root and to release blockers towards growing forward into authentic living. This is where we are finding and seeing the ideas of Chelsey’s book series “Living Life Metaphorically” come alive and how the series will develop into many more beautiful works as well as upcoming academic portions on coaching in the sessions of deep subconsciousness and dream analysis and more notes on how to apply it yourself.

What is Living Life Metaphorically?

Living Life metaphorically is a series of books I am currently working on, it is heavily based on ideas of the deep subconsciousness in poetical expressions, dreamland content, and the growth of spiritual connection to one’s authenticity and soul-talk.

Why are dreams and our imagination important, as well as the relationship with the conscious parts of us?

Imagination is a huge part of releasing consciousness and allowing the subconsciousness to partake in its natural creative abilities. A huge part of my personal writing process, as well as spiritual growth, is to nurture my imagination with good information and to allow it to release ideas naturally in a loose creative way and see where it takes me at times. As I study the subconsciousness, I feel imagination is a front door to creating the world around us. As I feed my consciousness studies and gather inspirational material, my subconsciousness represents it through creative forms. It is a teamwork effort that makes both parts of my brain happy.

What is deep subconsciousness and how do we explore that? 

We can explore our subconsciousness in many ways, naturally, we find this through our own authentic interests. But it can look like a dreamland, mediation, being “in the zone”, art or activities, being in some form of flow where the subconsciousness is a bit freer to do its own thing. We find that during the day, we naturally switch back and forth between the two conscious and unconscious parts of ourselves.

What was the main inspiration and process you speak of with this awakening?

For me, dream logging and watching more intently what was going on in my mind, day and night. Using ideas from basic spirituality for reflections and mirroring, going along with Carl Jung and dreamland analysis, and using ideas to pull perspective shifts to push me in better directions of growth over time. Lots of self-study in mental health, history, and the world around me, I fed both logic and intuition into balance.

How would you describe the connection and importance of the chakras, spirituality, higher consciousness, and psychology in your works?

They are almost like a ladder that reflects human consciousness and lessons through phases. Each book of the living life metaphorically series will represent a few phases of conscious lessons and thoughts through the phases that reflect the chakra progressions.

As a Life Coach, how do the coaching lane and the creative expressions come together

They work beautifully, as I am also in my lane of growing and learning, but also sharing. So, my books are my personal reflections and lessons of growth, something I hope inspires my readers and clients do to the same. The process I used in my books, I project and use in my shadow work sessions, and inspiration for the overall idea.

What is your next book of the series about and how can we expect some of this to play out?

Living Life Metaphorically, a journey to within” explores the lessons and my thoughts on the heart chakra through the third eye chakra. Leaning into lessons of unconditional love inwards and finding it outwards or creating it. It comes out Summer of 2023.

As an author, what do you plan to explore next in your writing career?

I am working on a larger academic project that will show off some of my ideas, studies, and even explorations of my Shadow Side life coaching sessions that get deep into the potential of the subconsciousness, symbolism, and inner connections universally and personally.  It will be a few years before this comes out.

Book quote and insert piece:  


“Historically, mankind has always been at a loss of wits with the subconsciousness and consciousness and understanding their inner love story within their own mind. Language will always evolve and change, but the story of mankind’s tragic loss of the mind, will always remain a part of our story.”

Title Name: My Prayer

  In the stillness, I came to you. The light glowing through the entryway, I walked through the barrier confidently with a question on my mind. Knowing that things would appear differently, I didn’t expect anything but a connection and answer. The room was tall, white and empty, this room is the solace of my mind. Here, I am able to connect back to my resources and find myself at my most inner moments.

  As I walked across the bright floor, I looked up at an infinite amount of space above- you appeared to me silently, waiting to hear my thoughts. I looked up, feeling frustrated and content…Deep down, I knew, that I knew the answers I sought out; but I needed help connecting back to them. I then looked up at you, confused with the emotions of the world that clung to me, and ready to release myself to the answers that will guide me forward. You held your hand out, and I reached mine out, ready for what was to come next.

  I found myself in a green pasture, lingering on the edge of time. This space was not my mine but yours. And in this moment, I relaxed and felt everything of the world far gone behind me. For a Moment, I forgot why I came. As I looked around the vastness of your space and how peaceful it was, I thought I could stay here forever. Then you looked at me again and we connected into conversation. I asked you why it was that I kept finding myself stuck, and the meaning of my intention on being where I was. You smiled, knowing that I couldn’t remember my own words and promises. You reached your hand out and touched my forehead, and in that moment, a flash of memory came to my mind, and I came back to life. I found myself standing amongst my peers, all glowing above like the heavens and ready to bear their impressions on the existence of the world. We all carried the same passion for life and readiness to love and serve. And so, I felt complete in my answer and ready to come back to my own. 

  And there I was, alone in the room. The light glowing bright and beyond there, the dark space of reality and the world I exist in. I came back into the moments of life, ready to push forward in courage and love. Knowing that all things are truly possible, and I will not fear, for I am made in the image of you. 

Returning back to mythology.

Losing sight of something we once knew, I followed the signs and dove inwards and saw the mechanics of it all. Wonderments, as I saw the scale of illusion and betrayal and the moments of sight, as the whole idea was saved deep within. Moments of clarity, as we look inwards and see the mystery of life has been inwards the whole time. Moments of connections and visions, ideas and life itself. What of it now, to light the whole thing on fire. Let imagination run wild into the shadow realms and release the beasts, to intercede their messages. Messages from the wise and chained up, doors of passage ways that lead the hero into his story. And so, we sense the mythology of humanity has never really disappeared, it’s been inwards waiting for us the whole time.

Hidden Truth:

We have come in the lessons of light, and inspiration that is given within. Moments of awareness brought to light, we spark the night sky up as colorful comets across your imagination of insight. That deep down, they couldn’t hide the truth that has been buried within. The supernova flow of the universe will disperse the confusion and fear bringing awareness back to insight. Moments of old are seen now, the world is cleansing. As each human mind awakens, magic soars the planet into rebirth.

Living Life Metaphorically, a journey to waking up” 

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